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Zoom Battery LiFePO4 200AH
Zoom Battery LiFePO4 200AH
Zoom Battery LiFePO4 200AH

Battery LiFePO4 200AH

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The superior performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) has made these dynamic power sources the number one choice for applications including vehicle use, backup power, marine, solar, and recreational vehicles. 
The LiFePO4 battery provides excellent thermal stability, safety characteristics, electrochemical performance and has a non-toxicity rating compared to other traditional deep-cycle battery options including lead-acid, absorbed glass mat (AGM) or lithium-ion (Li-ion). The PPE LiFePO4 battery offers a longer life cycle than even lithium-ion options and has a very constant discharge voltage which stays close to 3.2V during discharge. This allows the cell to deliver virtually full power until it is discharged, and it can even eliminate the need for voltage regulation circuitry. 
Housed in a brushed 304 stainless steel casing and equipped with heavy-duty terminals and an onboard backlit gauge that displays voltage and charging percentage. The proprietary onboard battery monitoring system (BMS) protects the battery from overcharging, and from discharging below 10% capacity. The BMS also protects the LiFePO4 from low-temperature damage. If the unit is subjected to freezing temperatures the BMS automatically shuts down the battery as a safeguard. 
Step up to superior performance with the PPE LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate battery. With its unmatched power, life-cycle, safety from thermal runaway, long-term stability, and non-toxicity, the choice is clear: The PPE LiFePO4 battery is made for those who require the very best for their power supply.


  • Onboard battery monitoring system (BMS) 
  • Heavy-duty terminals with insulator caps 
  • Brushed 304 stainless steel housing 
  • Excellent thermal stability, safety, and electrochemical performance 
  • Over charge and discharge protection 
  • Non-toxic composition 
  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Voltage: 12.8V

NOTE: Not for use as a starter battery. 



GTIN 840171205176 GTIN 840171205176

Battery LiFePO4 200AH