Inconel Marine Turbo Heat Shield GT40 Series (116014000)

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You know that your turbo gets hot. But did you know that the heat could be channeled through the turbo rather than letting it simply radiate out? It’s true, and Inconel Alloy Turbo Heat Shield with its special heat-resistant silicone membrane will do just that. The built-up heat is channeled through the turbo making the air flow move faster, so that the turbo spools up quicker, while actually making your engine provide more power. So equip your Garrett turbo with an Inconel Turbo Heat Shield for maximum performance.


  • Channels the heat through your turbo charger for maximum horsepower
  • Quicker turbo spool-up
  • Form-fitting
  • US Coast Guard approved for marine applications

Applications: Garrett GT 4088R and GT 4094R turbochargersApplications: Garrett GT 4088R and GT 4094R turbochargers

GTIN 840171208542 GTIN 840171208542

Inconel Marine Turbo Heat Shield GT40 Series (116014000)



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