PPE Cast Aluminum Transmission Pan for Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator. 
Jeeps see higher torque loads offroad which creates damaging heat inside the transmission. Your Jeep came stock with a stamped steel transmission pan. Stamped steel is very poor at heat dissipation. High heat breaks down fluid and scorches your clutches and sensitive valve body components, shortening the life of your transmission.  
PPE addresses these challenges with thick, high-strength cast 356.0-T6 aluminum which optimizes cooling. Additional improvements include deep outer fins that increase surface area and take advantage of underbody airflow for even greater cooling. The PPE Pan adds an additional 1.5-quart fluid capacity which increases thermal stability (more fluid takes longer to heat up). Additional features include a billet stainless steel drain plug with a high-power Neodymium magnet to hold damaging metal debris. (the stock pan comes with no drain plug) An integrated ⅛” NPT plugged port is engineered into the side of the Pan so you can add an optional trans temperature gauge. A premium-quality replaceable filter is also included.
Upgrade your underperforming stamped steel trans pan with this easy install to get better protection, superior cooling, and longer service.

by Danny Nguyen on March 18, 2022 Categories: VIDEOS