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Zoom Magnet - Neodymium, Ring-Style
Zoom Magnet - Neodymium, Ring-Style

Magnet - Neodymium, Ring-Style

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Pull more ferrous particles out of the fluid with the powerful PPE Neodymium Ring Magnet.

The ability of any magnet to pull ferrous particles out of the fluid depends of two fundamental principles of science: the magnetic force acting on the particle and the viscous forces of the fluid which attempts to keep the particles in suspension. When the magnetic force is stronger than the viscous forces, the particle is extracted from the flow of fluid.

Another fundamental property of all magnets is that magnetic force is reduced with distance. Considering this, it's important to use the strongest magnet possible for maximum benefit. Standard magnets inherently have a much smaller magnetic field so ferrous particles are able to stay suspended and do harm to the internals. The superior magnetic strength of the PPE Neodymium Ring Magnet keeps your fluid cleaner.

GM Equivalent P/N:  29535617

GM Equivalent P/N:  12471607


  • High-powered, rare earth magnet attracts and holds ferrous metals
  • Nickel plated
  • Can be added to the bottom of stock steel pans

GTIN 840171219609 GTIN 840171219609

Magnet - Neodymium, Ring-Style