2020-2023 GM 3.0L Duramax LM2, LZO Air-To-Water Intercooler Kit

2020-2023 GM 3.0L Duramax LM2, LZ0
Air-To-Water Intercooler Kit


50 States Emissions Legal - (E.O. D-701-37)

2020-2023 GM 3.0L Duramax LM2, LZ0 Air-To-Water Intercooler Kit

The PPE high-performance water-to-air Intercooler adds both style and performance to your 3.0L Duramax. The PPE intercooler has increased cooling efficiency due to its all-aluminum Bar And Plate-style construction, superior fin layout, and 2.4 times larger core. Cooler and denser charge air can also help reduce exhaust gas temperature (EGTs) and increase fuel efficiency. It also significantly improves the airflow and lowers the pressure drop by up to 17%, which results from the flow-optimized, cast aluminum end tanks and a less restrictive core structure. The kit is complete with a die-cast support bracket, a billet aluminum turbo adapter that replaces the turbo resonator, and PPE Performance Silicone Couplers and Coolant Hoses. 



  • Drops charge air temperature 30+ degrees compared to factory intercooler
  • Reduces inlet backpressure allowing the turbocharger to operate more efficiently
  • Cooler charge air temperatures increase engine efficiency
  • All-aluminum Bar And Plate-style construction
  • 2.4 times larger core
  • Denser charge air and increased airflow
  • Reduced air pressure drops by up to 17%
  • lower intake air temp (IAT)
  • Lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs)
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Easy, drop-in fit installation


2020 - 2023 / GMC / Sierra 1500 / 3.0L LM2
2021-2023 / GMC / Yukon / 3.0L LM2
2021-2023 / GMC / Escalade / 3.0L LM2
2020 - 2023 / Chevrolet / Silverado 1500 / 3.0L LM2
2021-2023 / Chevrolet / Tahoe / 3.0L LM2
2021-2023 / Chevrolet / Suburban / 3.0L LM2

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2020+ GM 3.0L Duramax LM2 Air-To-Water Intercooler Kit



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