6061-T6 Aluminum Remote Oil Filter Mount

Pacific Performance Engineering (PPE Power). N. Las Vegas,NV presents PPE’s anodized billet aluminum remote filter mount that has a high flow rate and is compatible with a variety of filters, including HP4 and HP6A Racing Filters. It features one outlet and three inlet ports, all -12 ORB for an easy leak-free installation and non-restrictive flow. Two out of the three inlet ports can be plugged by PPE 304 Stainless steel Neodymium-magnet-equipped plugs, which pull harmful ferrous particles out of your oil. These plugs can be serviced by simply removing them and wiping off the trapped metal particles. It also features a 1/8” NPT port for an oil pressure/ temperature sending unit. The mounting bracket can be mounted in four different orientations to suit your application. Two threaded oil filter adapters are also included: 13/16”-16 (fits PPE Filters and GM filters) and 1-½”-12. (HPGA)


  • High-flow, leak-free -12 ORB Inlet/Outlet ports
  • 1/8” NPT sensor port
  • Two Neodymium-magnet-equipped plugs included
  • 13/16”-16 and 1-1/2”-12 threaded oil filter adapters included
  • Compatible with HP4 and HP6A racing filters
  • 360° adjustable inlet/outlet orientation
  • CNC-machined and black anodized 6061 Aluminum Construction


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Oil Filter Mount Aluminum Billet

by Mark Kirtner on June 21, 2022 Categories: Press Releases